Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Jack and the Dreamsack by Laurence Anholt and Ross Collins (Bloomsbury Publishing)

Jack and the Dreamsack

Written by Laurence Anholt

Illustrated by Ross Collins

Published by Bloomsbury Publishing

Do you dream in colour? Dreamscapes and the realm of the mind are a fascinating subject for a children's book, because you can weave a story world that's limited only by your imagination. Laurence Anholt lets his imagination fly in this story of Jack, who is determined to stay awake all night to capture all the best bits of dreams, and bring them back to the real world.

As the world enjoys its restful slumber, Jack steals into the dreamworld armed with the Dreamsack, which he will use to claim his treasure. What will he find as he explores?

Wholly original, with subtle flavours and reminders of "Alice in Wonderland" and some absolutely fantastic and imaginative artwork by Ross Collins, this is a story that gave us a nice little jog because it wasn't quite what we were expecting. We rather love some of the inventive characters Jack encounters as he works his way right to the very heart of his dreamscape where something magical and glowing exists.

Enter Jack's dreams, you may be surprised at what you'll find!

Charlotte's best bit: The ultimate treasure nestled in the very heart of Jack's dreams. Can it be brought back to the real world?

Daddy's Favourite bit: That rare thing, a children's book that feels original and inspirational, and a perfect combination of story and illustration. Dreamy indeed!