Thursday, 10 April 2014

Standing In for Lincoln Green by David Mackintosh (HarperCollins Children's Books)

Standing in for Lincoln Green

Written and Illustrated by
David Mackintosh

Published by HarperCollins Children's Books

There have been many, many children's books dealing with the sometimes thorny subject of imaginary friends. Trust David Mackintosh to come up with a wholly original approach that is a tightly knit and entertaining story, suffused with David's charming linework.

Lincoln Green is your ordinary everyday stetson-wearing kid. He's far too busy for all that tedious tidying up, horrible homework or other menial tasks. Luckily Lincoln has a secret friend who lives in his mirror, and chips in with all the things that Lincoln doesn't like doing - while Lincoln plays all day.

Trash is dutifully taken out by the mirror Lincoln. Homework dutifully finished off, and when Lincoln makes a new friend his double pitches in to play all the games that Lincoln doesn't want to.

Of course things start to go awry when the double realises what a bum deal he's getting, and rebels in spectacular fashion leaving Lincoln with egg on his face, unfinished homework and a rather teed off mum who wants to know why things haven't been done.

Can Lincoln somehow redeem the situation? We'll leave you to find out what happens in this story. If you're like us, you've lapped up David's previous books like "The Frank Show" and the sublime "Marshall Armstrong is New to our School". This tale is twice the fun!

Charlotte's best bit: Lincoln's uber-cool treehouse

Daddy's Favourite bit: A fantastic treatment of the imaginary friends storyline, impressive in every way