Thursday, 8 May 2014

Children are Naughty by Vincent Cuvellier and Aurelie Guillerey (Flying Eye Books)

Children are Naughty

Written by Vincent Cuvellier

Illustrated by Aurelie Guillerey

Published by Flying Eye Books

With a crazy chaotic story style, and visuals to match in that gorgeous "retro fantastic" illustration style so beloved of artists like Bob Staake and Chris Hitchins, "Children are Naughty" by Vincent Cuvellier and Aurelie Guillerey is a stark fire-engine-red warning tome designed to keep adults aware of just how naughty kids are.

Got a prized possession you love more than anything else? Kids can probably trash it within a moment or two.

Wondering who shaved the dog (or themselves?) Kids may act innocent, but they're likely to blame.

With each page spread we see kids behaving badly, but in each and every case, the kids are having fun and enjoying themselves as kids do.

What we loved about this was the very end of the book where you find out just where all that bad behaviour comes from, and how generations of adults will maintain that they were the pinnacle of perfection, blessed and well-behaved when they were kids but every now and again that mask slips with hilarious results.

Loved this, it's energetic and fun!

Charlotte's best bit: Kids invading the grand piano!

Daddy's Favourite bit: loved that end spread with the family. Yep that actually happens when our lot gather together too!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Flying Eye Books)