Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Dinosaur Roar! (20th Anniversary Edition) By Henrietta Stickland and Paul Stickland (Picture Corgi)

Dinosaur Roar! (20th Anniversary Edition)

Written by Henrietta Stickland
Illustrated by Paul Stickland

Published by Picture Corgi

It's wonderful to see this fantastic book getting a lovely 20th Anniversary polish. One of the best dinosaur books out there, "Dinosaur Roar!" is a brilliant 'join in' book for younger readers who will love the big bold and colourful illustrations, and the low word count with lots of opportunities for enthusiastic audience participation!

Henriette and Paul Stickland's book is one we often spot in the library, each and every copy is well loved (and very well worn) and that's always a great sign that it's hugely popular.

We enjoyed reading through this together, Charlotte supplying the roars, squeaks and grunts of the various dino species inside - and I enjoyed laughing my socks off at her impression of a Triceratops.

Charlotte's best bit: Big grumpy dinosaur (is like you daddy! Charming!)

Daddy's Favourite bit: Bold and colourful, big and noisy, a wonderfully satisfying book celebrating its 20th Anniversary with this awesome edition!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Picture Corgi)