Tuesday, 27 May 2014

How Pirates Really Work by Alan Snow (Simon and Schuster Children's Books)

How Pirates Really Work

Written and Illustrated by
Alan Snow

Published by Simon and Schuster

Alan Snow's brilliant "How (things) Really Work" books have always been well received by Charlotte. None more so than this absolutely brilliant edition, looking into the inner workings of characters that children (both boys and girls) absolutely cannot resist. Pirates. We're talking about pirates.

Long, short, beardy and female, they're all covered here in exquisite detail using Alan's trademark touch for humorous illustration and great little speech bubbles in each page spread.

Tastefully steering clear of a predilection for swigging rum and chasing booty, "How Pirates Really Work" does actually mix in quite a lot of real-world facts and figures about infamous pirates from history (and to Charlotte's delight, shows that there were just as many hugely successful pirate ladies as there were men!)

There is 'avast' (ha, get it? Avast, me hearties!) list of books that are nigh-on essential for your pirate-obsessed little 'uns, and this joins the ranks of the biggest and best.

Charlotte's best bit: Reading all about the infamous lady pirates such as Charlotte De Berry (wonder why she likes her so much!)

Daddy's Favourite bit: Alan's "How" books are always brilliant, this is possibly our favourite so far (though "How Cats Really Work" might just nudge it into second place!)