Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Little Wizard by Kazuno Kohara (Macmillan Children's Books)

Little Wizard

Written and Illustrated by
Kazuno Kohara

Published by Macmillan Children's Books

We love, love, LOVE Kazuno Kohara's books and we really love this awesome little tale of a young wizard and his new found friend. It reminded me a little of the brilliant "Meg and Mog" books with Kazuno's artwork kept simple but effective. Little Wizard is the only wizard at Wizard Academy who can't yet fly on his broom. Poor Little Wizard is left out of all the games and hi-jinks by the older children as they whizz off into the sky and have fun.

One day, in a dark forest, Little Wizard meets a young dragon who becomes his best friend, and vows to teach Little Wizard the basics of how to fly, soar and swoop through the air (little dragon is a bit of an expert, you see).

Trouble is on the horizon though. One day a brave knight appears, and vows to slay any dragons in the vicinity. Little Wizard must find a way to warn his friend, but can he reach Dragon in time to save the day?

This is a really loveable and atmospheric little story, a nice easy read for youngsters who want to 'read it themselves' and striking artwork help it to stand out from many similar tales. A lovely story of friendship and believing in yourself. And it's purple. All the coolest things are purple!

Charlotte's best bit: Little Wizard's race to save his dragon friend

Daddy's Favourite bit: Love how the friendship develops over the course of the story. Very sweet and touching little book