Friday, 16 May 2014

ReadItDaddy - er I mean The Strolling Mum's Book of the Week, week ending 16th May 2014 - "My Name is Bob - An Illustrated Picture Book" by James Bowen, Garry Jenkins and Gerald Kelley (Red Fox Picture Books)

My Name is Bob - An Illustrated Picture Book

Written by James Bowen & Garry Jenkins

Illustrated by Gerald Kelley

Published by Red Fox Picture Books

My lovely other half is such a huge fan of "A Streetcat named Bob" by James Bowen - that I thought I'd hand over the reins and let her take over for this week's Book of the Week.

So take it away StrollingMum!

I've been given the chance to take over read it daddy's blog for one post, nothing to do with days out but because of a lovely cat book.

My name is Bob landed on the door step and the moment readitdaddy saw it he knew I had to be the first to get my paws on it (sorry), as a few years ago my mum loaned me "A Streetcat Named Bob" and I loved it.

This illistrated book is equally well written and goes back to the time before James (Bowen) and Bob met. The start of the book is fictional (you would only know this
if you had read the original book) but it draws on the point of two lost souls finding each other at just the right time in their lives.

The rest of the story summaries the paperback book into a few pages of James nursing Bob back to health (which Charlotte thought was lovely and she loved the art work that went with this) and how they go about their days together.

Near the back are some lovely photos of James and Bob busking together and on the last page is a short summary about James and Bob for those who wish to know a little more about their touching story.

Its a lovely book, extremely well illistrated and prompted a few questions from Charlotte about nursing a cat, what do you think happened to the old lady, why are some
street cats scary and not Bob. She loved James' guitar but didn't ask many questions about busking. Even the cover is well thought out and she loved the paw print facts
on the back. I think Grandma is going to enjoy looking at this book too.

Here's a wonderful YouTube Link of James reading the book to Bob (who seems suitably impressed!)

Here's another brilliant video about the book, this time showing Gerard Kelley producing the gorgeous artwork for the story (I want that Cintiq - Daddy!)

Charlotte's best bit: When Bob is hurt but James is making him better, also the picture of Bob in his tuxedo.

Mummy's Favourite bit: The way the book introduces homelessness in a way that adults would probably pick up on but not younger children, explaining how Bob is homeless through no fault of his own, how lonely life is and how you struggle to make friends.

(Kindly sent to us for review by Red Fox Picture Books - and thank you Mummy for writing such a cracking post!)