Monday, 16 June 2014

Foxy Tales - The Road to Fame and Fortune by Caryl Hart and Alex T. Smith (Hodder Children's Books)

Foxy Tales - The Road to Fame and Fortune

Written by Caryl Hart

Illustrated by Alex T. Smith

Published by Hodder Children's Books

Ahh Hollywood. The glitz, the glamour, the big green warty bottoms. Catching up with minxy mischief maker Foxy Dubois and her ever-present pain in the neck Alphonso the Alligator for their second adventure, we're hitting the highs and lows of tinseltown - referred to here as "Jollywood" (which we actually think sounds far nicer than Hollywood!)

We absolutely loved "Foxy Tales - The Cunning Plan" and couldn't wait for more Foxy adventures. In this second book, Foxy's schemes are even more hair-brained than ever and Alphonso's tummy (and bottom) are even more rumbly.

After a chance encounter with Tony Ravioli's twin brother, Foxy charms him and convinces him to introduce her to a famous movie star. Unfortunately Alphonso has stowed away in the back of the burger van as the two head off to the glitz and glamour of the movie studios. One thing's for sure, Foxy is going to have to come up with a plan to get rid of Alphonso that is so cunning you could brush your teeth with it.

We won't spoil too much - but this is a rip-snorting rollicking tale in the same mould as "Foxy Tales - The Cunning Plan" and has plenty of big green warty belly laughs and blisters along at a breakneck pace.

We don't actually know whether we ought to feel sorry for Foxy or think that she gets her just desserts (she is quite mean to Alphonso, but then I guess you'd be mean to someone if they kept threatening to eat you all the time). Loved the little back story about how Alphonso and Foxy first "met" :) Oh and it goes without saying that Mr Billy Bongo's cameos are a cracking highlight, as ever!

Brilliant stuff, we love it!

Charlotte's best bit: Feeling sorry for poor Foxy. Just when things look like they're going to go her way, a big alligator-shaped problem steps in the way. Parp!

Daddy's Favourite bit: Snortingly funny and a great example of a transitional book for kids like Charlotte looking for something a bit longer than the norm, but not as wordy as a chapter reader. Once again, Foxy and Alphonso are a huge hit and we'll be looking forward to that third book!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Hodder Children's Books)