Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Here Comes the Poo Bus by Andy Stanton and Noelle Davies-Brock (Puffin Books)

Here Comes the Poo Bus!

Written by Andy Stanton

Illustrated by Noelle Davies-Brock

Published by Puffin Books

I begged. I pleaded. I frantically scrabbled around for alternative books to add to our library pile, but it was no use. Charlotte spotted "Here Comes the Poo Bus!" by Andy (Mr Gum) Stanton and Noelle Davies-Brock and that was pretty much that. I mean the title alone would be a pretty good indication that this isn't going to be one of those cuddly books to snuggle down with before bedtime. Nope, it's about a bus. Made of poo.

It's hilarious though, and though I constantly make mention of the fact that we really don't go out of our way to grab books about poo, there seems to be a huge market for them. The more revolting, the better and there's none more revolting than this rhyming story of Uncle Toad, the driver of the titular plop-covered transport, who picks up bug passengers on his way to the coast (yes, the analogy of a poo heading off to the coast really wasn't lost on us...!)

Uncle Toad is far from the benevolent old stinkard he's portrayed though, and by the end of this book you'll begin to realise that what Uncle Toad has in mind is altogether far more gross than just taking insects out for a ride in his buttock-born bus.

Charlotte does a really great line in gurgling cackles that would warm the cockles of Andy and Noelle's hearts if they heard her. Suffice to say that I didn't really feel much like lunch after this one, but Charlotte consumed it with glee.

Charlotte's best bit: Benign old Uncle Toad revealing his true colours once they arrive at the seaside. GULP!

Daddy's Favourite bit: C'mon, if you don't investigate this book purely on the title alone, at least give it a try for the sheer bare-faced cheek you can imagine it must've taken to pitch this one to a publisher. "It's about a bus. Made of poo!"


thebookshelfgargoyle said...

Reckon I've been on one or two buses that could have been made by the same company as the poo bus....

Alex Walsh said...

There's one page that just doesn't work in terms of rhythm/meter and that ruins the WHOLE DAMN BOOK FOR ME :)