Monday, June 2, 2014

Max the Brave by Ed Vere (Puffin Books)

Max the Brave

Written and Illustrated by
Ed Vere

Published by Puffin Books

Side-stepping the arguments over cats vs dogs, is there anything cuter in this world than a kitten? Particularly a little black kitten with huge eyes and the sort of expression that can reduce a grown 46-year-old man to coos of "Awww" or "lookit his liddle face!"

Max, the kitten in Ed Vere's superb "Max the Brave" is getting really fed up with all this cooing and cutesy-pie stuff. In fact there's one thing Max hates more than anything else. Being tied up with lovely pink ribbons (aw but he does look cute in them, says Charlotte).

Max decides that there's only one thing for it. To shrug off his cute image once and for all by performing the ultimate kitty feat of derring-do. Catching a mouse.

Max begins his quest by asking for advice from the various creatures he meets on his journey. Bird is not a mouse, but is sure he's seen mouse scurrying by. Fish is not a mouse but he's pretty sure he's seen mouse running into the garden.

But when Max actually meets a mouse, what happens?

Oh my, we couldn't possibly tell you. Suffice to say that we have a sneaking suspicion that the mouse in this story is a distant relative (second cousin once removed perhaps?) to the mouse in "The Gruffalo" - relying on his keen wits and sharpness to outwit Max.

That's as much as we can say without revealing the delicious twist in this book that is a really hilarious romp. Ed's characters are always utterly brilliant, his illustrations are wondrous (Max really is the epitome of a tiny dewy eyed kitten - but we should point out that he's brave, not cute, OK?). An awesome book that's going to raise more than a grin or two.

"Max the Brave" arrives on 5th June 2014 from Puffin Books (Hardback).

Charlotte's best bit: Max wearing a big pink soppy bow and looking SO CUTE!

Daddy's Favourite bit: The twist is a lovely surprise, and we rather like the way it plays out too!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Puffin Books)

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