Friday, 27 June 2014

Passing the Torch...A friday musing.

Back when we started the blog I always knew there would come a day when Charlotte would be able to read independently on her own and would scurry off with a pile of books and bury her nose in them. All our reviews are exactly that - ours, and we've always put together a mix of both our opinions.

In passing the torch, shifting from me reading to her, towards her reading on her own (but thankfully with lots and lots of opportunity for me to read aloud to her still - something I'll always do until she doesn't want me to any more, and I always hope she'll want me to!) it's got me thinking about how to properly pass the torch.

We could rename the blog to "Read It, Charlotte!" (Always thought that would eventually be a really good idea).

We could roll out an idea I've had for ages where Charlotte takes to the keyboard and taps out her own reviews (though parents who have children who write their own blogs will tell you, even the brightest little sparks can take an hour to write 10 lines for a review and they're not always the most readable opinions).

We could adopt another idea where I produce review sheets, splicing together some handwritten opinions, maybe a couple of drawings (this is my favourite option but again with full time school and both my wife and I working full time, it's extremely difficult to fit in something fairly time consuming that has to be done on a regular basis - so we might opt for this either as a book of the week thing or a semi-regular feature).

It is an exciting time though. The best thing about passing the torch is that Charlotte reads for pleasure. I once asked her why she loves reading and she said (and I quote) "Books take you to places in your head" which is a pretty awesome way of underlining why kids who read for pleasure often have the most vivid and colourful imaginations, a creative leaning, an inquisitive and curious nature and a huge appreciation for all manner of stories both fictional and non fictional.

Over the summer (when we'll both have a lot more spare time) we'll be working on some changes. We might not be able to be as frequent or as timely as we've always tried to be with our reviews but we'll always try to keep things fresh and exciting, as fresh and exciting as the fabulous books we're lucky enough to be able to read and review - both together and alone.

Huge huge thanks for the continued support, feedback and encouragement. It means such a huge amount both to Charlotte and to me.