Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The Adventures of Tintin - The Cigars of the Pharaohs by Georges Remi Herge (translated by Leslie Lonsdale-Cooper)(Egmont Books)

The Adventures of Tintin - The Cigars of the Pharaohs

Written and Illustrated by
Georges Remi Herge

Published by Egmont Books

When Charlotte is left to her own devices in the library, she always makes a bee line for the comics and graphic novels section - and in particular Abingdon Library's fantastic stock of Tintin books.

I can't help feel a bit of fatherly pride at the fact she loves the Tintin books so much. I loved them to bits as a kid, way before Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider came along, here was Tintin getting into all sorts of near-death situations, calamitous scrapes and amazing adventures - with trusted companion Snowy at his side.

In "Cigars of the Pharaohs" something stinks down in the sand - quite literally - as Tintin is drawn into an international web of intrigue involving lost dignitaries, scientists and celebrities. Someone is kidnapping these folk and plans dastardly deeds!

Dogged by The Thompson Twins at every step, it's a race against time to solve the riddle of the weird pharaoh-stamped cigars, before Tintin and Snowy end up wrapped up in the mystery in more ways than one.

Tintin books always seem to unfold at breakneck pace, and a lot of the attraction for Charlotte is just riding that wave. The books are satisfyingly deep and wordy, crammed to the gills with detail, and the English translations (by Leslie Lonsdale-Cooper) are pretty much spot on.

Great to see Charlotte loving these so much, and I can't wait to share the rest of the extensive Tintin back catalogue with her.

Charlotte's best bit: When Tintin finally finds the mysterious pyramid and realises that a certain boy journalist and his dog have a space reserved! Eek!

Daddy's Favourite bit: Sprawling, hugely detailed, cinematic action, all the hallmarks of a truly great Tintin adventure. Love these books so much!