Thursday 26 June 2014

Usborne Puzzle Series - Puzzle Jungle (Usborne Books)

Usborne Puzzle Series - Puzzle Jungle

Published by Usborne Books

The long (very long) summer holidays are almost upon us and though most kids are probably hopping up and down on the spot with excitement, most parents are inwardly groaning, wondering how on earth they're going to fill 8 long weeks with activities and fun.

It's trickier still when you work full time, scraping together your annual leave to try and spend some time with your kids and not foist them onto the grandparents (we hugely, HUGELY appreciate Charlotte's grandparents pitching in, we really do!)

Anyway, straying back onto topic, we're on the look out for interesting books that can keep Charlotte occupied. The little lady spotted these fantastic "Puzzle Series" books from Usborne in our local library so we booked out a couple (this and Puzzle Mountain) to check them out.

Merging together an action story featuring children, with some quite fiendish puzzles, it's a great book to pass a few hours. Puzzles are approachable and kid-friendly though expect the odd times when your little darling will howl at the top of their voice "HOW DO I DO THIS BIT?"

As with all Usborne's titles, Puzzle Jungle is fantastically illustrated and nicely presented.

Charlotte's best bit: A fiendish animal maze, trying to find a safe path through the creature-infested jungle

Daddy's Favourite bit: A neat way to pass a few hours when kids are fed up with watching Peppa Pig on a loop