Tuesday, July 1, 2014

"Big Books" we're tucking into this week - a new feature. "Millhouse" By Natale Ghent (Tundra)


Written and Illustrated by
Natale Ghent

Published by Tundra

Along with our picture book reviews we like to round up early chapter readers and also dabble with a bit of YA. So we're kicking off a semi-regular feature to highlight some of the books in Charlotte's reading pile.

Here's a book with a subject very dear to Charlotte's heart. Guinea Pigs. Those snub-nosed round-bottomed adorable little creatures are high on Charlotte's "Pets I most want" list.

Millhouse is a little different though. He's a hairless guinea pig and as soon as Charlotte spotted the cover, she was puzzled.

"That's not a Guinea Pig!" she exclaimed. "That's a pig!"

We read on. Natale's story is a rather lovely little tale of Millhouse's attempts to become the world's first thespian guinea pig. Abandoned when his owner dies, Millhouse ends up sharing a dusty neglected old pet shop with other creatures who find this odd looking fellow a bit too weird and different at first. But Can Millhouse win them over with his theatrical leanings?

"The other animals in this are really mean!" Charlotte commented, and at first Millhouse faces a huge struggle as he tries to adapt and fit in to his new lifestyle. Can anyone truly ever love a hairless guinea pig though? There's only one thing for it - a grand escape back to the theatre and the place he loves the most.

With some great little inky illustrations throughout, this is a heartwarming tale of friendship and redemption - and above all being who you are and not who you think you should be. It'll take Charlotte quite a while to get through it but she's loving it so far.

Also on Charlotte's bedside book pile this week:

"Angela Nicely" by Alan Macdonald and David Roberts
"Claude in the Spotlight" by Alex T. Smith

(Millhouse kindly sent to us by Tundra Press)

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