Thursday, 31 July 2014

Princess Evie's Ponies make the transition from children's picture book to early chapter readers with "Princess Evie Young Readers"

Princess Evie Young Readers

Written by Sarah Kilbride

Illustrated by Sophie Tilley

Published by Simon and Schuster Children's Books

Today sees the release of two initial titles in the "Princess Evie's Ponies" range, but they're not picture books this time - they're the first in a new range of "Young Readers".

As before, Charlotte's eyes lit up when these came in the post. She's previously loved the Princess Evie's Ponies range in picture book form and as her reading ability expands, it's almost perfect timing that these books have arrived for her to read before she settles down to sleep.

"Princess Evie's Ponies - The Forest Fairy Pony (Volume 1)" and "Princess Evie's Ponies - The Unicorn Riding Camp (Volume 2)" should please your pony-obsessed children. Each of the stories comes with pony facts at the back of the book, and bonus posters to collect with each volume.

In "The Forest Fairy Pony" Evie and her new pony friend Arwen (lovely name) travel through a magical glade, encountering a fairy kingdom and all new adventures.

In "Unicorn Riding Camp" Evie finds new friendship and fun and possibly her toughest challenge yet at Unicorn Riding School.

Charlotte dived straight into book one and when I asked her what she thought of them, she just ushered me away with a flap of her hand - which is high praise indeed!

"Princess Evie's Ponies - The Forest Fairy Pony" and "Princess Evie's Ponies - The Unicorn Riding Camp" are both out today, from Simon and Schuster

(Kindly sent to us for review by Simon and Schuster Children's Books)