Tuesday, 8 July 2014

The Cherry Thief by Renata Galindo (Child's Play)

The Cherry Thief

Written and Illustrated by
Renata Galindo

Published by Child's Play

Oh c'est si bon! Chef Armand, renowned p√Ętissier is the star of this fabulous story by Renata Galindo that will have your tummy rumbling by the end of the book. Chef whips up the most delicious cakes and pastries in his bakery, and his signature is to decorate absolutely EVERYTHING with beautiful red cherries.

Soon though, Chef Armand notices that customers are complaining. Their cakes are cherry-less and the chef is mystified. What on earth is going on? Is there a cherry thief at work?

There's only one thing for it, and Chef Armand embarks on a stakeout - to see if he can catch the thief (cherry) red handed. Soon enough the pesky varmint is revealed and Chef Armand tries everything to catch the critter before it escapes with its cherry booty!

Renata Galindo's story zips along at a cracking pace and is such a thing of beauty, each page spread seems designed to make you want two things - 1) Lots of lovely cakes (well that's pretty much the norm for us at ReadItDaddy Towers) and 2) lovely ripe juicy red cherries!

There is a nice message in the book though, and you'll find it out when Chef Armand discovers quite by accident, partially thanks to the fruit-stealing hedgehog (well we think it's a hedgehog anyway!) that sometimes it's better to share.

Child's Play books are always exceptionally high quality and this is definitely no exception, it's a joy and younger children will absolutely love counting all those cherries!

Charlotte's best bit: The Cherry Thief's rather innovative way of stashing so many cherries! Neat idea!
Charlotte's favourite cherry cake: A cherry bakewell

Daddy's Favourite bit: A superb story with a rather lovely message tucked into its pastry folds. Perfect with a cherry on top!
Daddy's Favourite cherry cake: A big swirly cherry danish pastry covered in icing and juicy sultanas. YUM!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Child's Play Publishing)