Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The Dragon Stoorworm by Theresa Breslin and Matthew Land (Picture Kelpies)

The Dragon Stoorworm

Written by Theresa Breslin

Illustrated by Matthew Land

Published by Picture Kelpies

A stunning new range of children's books landed on our doorstep just before we disappeared on holiday for two weeks. So we spirited them away with us and have been enthralled by them.

The first one we're taking a look at is "The Dragon Stoorworm" by Theresa Breslin and Matthew Land. A traditional feel to a Scottish tale of legend and of dragons, as the colossal dragon Stoorworm threatens the entire country. His huge appetite means that he is in danger of stripping the land of its flora and fauna. Only one thing will satisfy him. In return for not trashing the place, the dragon demands a young healthy person to eat every day - starting with the King's lovely daughter, Princess Gemdelovely (heck of a name, huh!)

The king cannot sacrifice his daughter, so puts word out that if any man can stand between Stoorworm and his daughter, and free the country from the evil dragon's tyranny, he will win the king's sword, the king's throne and the hand of his lovely daughter in marriage (though quite sensibly Princess Gemdelovely isn't exactly enthralled with the idea of daddy giving away her hand on a whim!)

Knights come and go, brave souls succumb to the dragon's awesome power but one day Assipattie spies the princess through the window of the castle and so desperately wants to get to know her that he decides to help the king. Assipattie and Princess Gemdelovely have a cunning plan to get rid of Stoorworm, and bravely they set out to battle!

Will they succeed? Ahh you know us, we're not here to tell you the ending of this fantastic tale, but to let you discover this wonderful range for yourself. Picture Kelpies combine brilliant traditional tales with utterly stunning artwork (it's amazing to think that this is Matthew Land's first picture book - the man has a bright future ahead of him!)

Check out the range - we'll be following up with reviews of "The Selkie Girl" and "The Legend of Tam Linn" very soon.

Charlotte's best bit: Charley's visit to the dentist. Rinse please!

Daddy's Favourite bit: Brilliant fun for tiddlers, beautifully illustrated and told

(Kindly sent to us for review by Picture Kelpies)