Thursday, 3 July 2014

The Flying Bath by Julia Donaldson and David Roberts (Macmillan Children's Books)

The Flying Bath

Written by Julia Donaldson

David Roberts

Published by Macmillan Children's Books

It's happy publication day today for a very special book indeed.

A new Julia Donaldson book is always a cause for huge celebration. She is a wordsmith extraordinaire, with her perfect rhymes and engaging stories. Teaming Julia up with one of our favourite artists, David Roberts, is a stroke of genius and we've seen this dazzling duo in action before in the rather fabulous "The Troll" (if you haven't read it yet, check out our review, it's a little smasher - and look out for the troll making a sneaky cameo in this book too!)

Ahhh a flying bath, imagine it, being able to fill up with warm soapy water and then flap off to any destination in the world. Though the bath in this story has a more serious purpose. The helpful little animals (Duck, Frog and Turtle) are like International Rescue. Wherever there's a need for water, they answer the call (and Charlotte absolutely LOVED all the different 'phones' that various thirsty animals use to call in their problems with).

A pig who is in dire need of a shower or a Baboon with his tree house on fire, nothing's too tricky for The Flying Bath!

A wondrous flight of imagination absolutely beautifully written, gorgeously illustrated, and with a fairly nice message about the true value of water across the planet. Absolutely excellent!

Charlotte's best bit: Baboon's Banana Phone and the sneaky Troll making a cameo near the end of the book!

Daddy's Favourite bit: JD makes it look SO easy to produce such memorable and readable rhymes. Likewise, David Roberts' illustrations are absolutely top drawer. What a team!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Macmillan Children's Books)