Thursday, 3 July 2014

The Phoenix Presents "Corpse Talk" by Adam Murphy (David Fickling Books)

The Phoenix Presents - Corpse Talk Season 1

Written and Illustrated by
Adam Murphy

Published by David Fickling Books

It's the third of July and lots of lovely books are publishing today but this one is something rather special. It caused Charlotte's teacher to raise her eyebrows so far that they almost hovered quite comically in mid air. It caused Charlotte's mum a few extra worry lines too (I'm not sure Mummy is sold on the idea of comics but is gradually being won round), but of course the pair of us attacked it with gleeful cackles of delight because we already love Adam Murphy's fantastic "Corpse Talk" strip in The Phoenix Comic.

So what's the setup here? Well, imagine what would happen if Parky went down to the local graveyard armed with a spade and (quite literally) dug up a few undead guests for his show. Corpse Talk's intrepid sometimes hysterical historical expert Adam Murphy does just this, roaming the world to interview the long-dead greatest figures in history.

From Einstein to Vlad the Impaler, Adam Murphy does not shy away from controversial guests. Phoenix readers and regulars chip in and suggest new guests for the strip and always come up with some corkers.

Here then is a great strip to champion the educational side of comics (which is what I tried to explain to Charlotte's teacher once she'd breathed in and out of a brown paper bag a few times and realised that Charlotte wasn't trying to share some epic zombie graphic novel during her recent Phoenix-comic-based Show and Tell).

Kids and adults will learn a great deal from Corpse Talk, with a goodly dose of tongue in cheek humour and outright cheekiness. So if you've ever dreamed of finding out just what colour underpants Genghis Khan wore, or whether Laurel and Hardy really got on with each other, tip a wink to Adam Murphy and he'll probably find out.


"Corpse Talk Season 1" is available from the fabulous Phoenix Book Store.

Charlotte's best bit: A rather worrying and salacious curiosity about Vlad III! Eeks!

Daddy's Favourite bit: It's the most bonkers idea for a comic strip and yet it works so utterly brilliantly. Adam is a star, and we can't wait for Season 2. Just get out there and GEDDIT!

(Kindly sent to us for review by David Fickling Books)