Monday 4 August 2014

Kids making awesome comics - A great launch week and event for Neill Cameron's upcoming "How to make Awesome Comics" (David Fickling Books)

A graduate from the awesome comics workshop week receives his certificate from none other than David Fickling himself!
Ace comics dude and all round good egg Neill Cameron was kind enough to invite us to a rather special event to celebrate the launch of his upcoming book "How to Draw Awesome Comics" - and also to celebrate the launch of a rather special comic indeed. After a week long workshop at Oxford's Story Museum, a gaggle of talented kids came up with their own set of brilliant comic strips with lots of top tips from Neill.

Just in case you've been living under a meteor for the past few years, Neill has put together some truly stunning stories, both for the DFC (Mo-Bot High) and The Phoenix Comic (Pirates of Pangaea). Who better to host a comic-creation workshop at such a fantastic venue. 

A truly talented bunch of boys and girls, the genius author-artists  and their awesome comic creation
Once the kids had busied themselves coming up with their strips (special mention to Alistair, who had come up with a brilliant story called Charlie and the Cheese-Hunting Clam - and who talked at length about his brill strips and his love of Bunny vs Monkey), the comic was printed and each child was presented with a copy and a certificate. 

David Fickling, publisher of The Phoenix and many fantastic books, made an impassioned (and very loud) rousing speech about the importance of creativity and comics. Along with Neill, children (and their proud parents!) were encouraged to spread the word about The Phoenix Comic, and one rather ace little girl suggested "why stop at earth! Why not make it the best comic in the universe?"

Encouraging creativity and fostering a love of comics. David Fickling and Neill Cameron at the launch of "How to Make Awesome Comics"

I managed to snag a sneaky chat with Neill's lovely mum, who told me that he'd been drawing comics since he was 3 years old - and always had a focused approach to his artistic creations. 

It was also great to meet folk from the story museum too, including Alex who let me have a sneaky look around the venue (which is stunning btw) and the 26 Stories Character Exhibition (which is also stunning, and something I really have to take Charlotte along to at some point - she will absolutely LOVE the Narnia wardrobe bit!) As their first workshop, I think it was a roaring success so definitely check out their upcoming programme of events (we are SO going to have to go to the Halloween Corpse talk events with Adam Murphy!)

A great time was had by all, many cupcakes and glasses of squash were consumed, and as I slipped away quietly those kids were still smiling, laughing and chatting animatedly, planning their next comic creations. A fine job well done Mr C and Mr F!