Monday, 11 August 2014

Mi and Museum City by Linda Sarah (Phoenix Yard Books)

Mi and Museum City

Written and Illustrated by
Linda Sarah

Published by Phoenix Yard Books

Recently we've been lucky enough to catch up with a gorgeous new range of books from Phoenix Yard. Starting off with "Mi and Museum City" by Linda Sarah, a book that positively invites curiosity and comment with every flick of the page.

Mi lives in the aforementioned city, where each and every citizen sets up their own museum. Some are fantastic collections of the bizarre and the incredible, some stretch the definition of 'museum' a little, and really need a good sorting out, often picking the dullest subjects to set up exhibitions on.

Mi is bored and lonely until one day he hears the sweetest music and the strangest sounds. Following the melody, Mi meets Yu and together they set out to change the landscape.
Less museums about boring things, more museums about the astonishing beauty in the world, or the sheer enjoyment of spending a few hours doing the things you love whether gazing up at the stars or skimming stones across a pond.

Charlotte loved going back to this book again and again, it was a delight to hear her little squeals of exclamation as she discovered another curious museum (helpfully Linda provides a pull-out A-Z guide of all the museums in the city). She made some great points about this (like the fact that the A-Z doubles up as a fantastic colouring sheet, because Museum City should also have a splash of colour as well as a dose of variety, don't you think?)

We can't wait to see more from Phoenix Yard and indeed from Linda Sarah, who looks set to nip up behind Shaun Tan, tap him on the shoulder, and while he's not looking steal al ittle of his limelight. Wonderful wonderful stuff!

If Charlotte set up her own museum it would be.... "The Museum of Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream and Loom Bands"

If Daddy set up his own museum, it would be...."The Museum of Daddy's Interesting Pens (not that interesting!)"

(Kindly sent to us for review by Phoenix Yard Books)