Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Okido Magazine now coming to WH Smith stores across the nation! Celebrate a fantastic kids mag that bucks the plastic tat trend!

No silly rubbish plastic 'gifts' just brilliant and fun content for inquisitive kids. That's OKIDO by us!

We've previously extolled the virtues of Okido Magazine on this very blog and it's great to hear that this brilliant magazine is now being distributed in WH Smith stores, bringing this gorgeous publication to a wider audience. 

Okido, the arts and science magazine for kids taps into their inquisitiveness and curiosity with bright colourful illustrations, utterly fabulous articles and NO ADS. The founders of Okido, Dr Sophie Dauvios and Rachel Ortas firmly believe that rich content and a serious eye for design can win kids away from the shallow and poorly devised TV Tie-In mags and plastic gift-laden rubbish that swamp newsagent and supermarket magazine shelves. 

Kids have a million questions about a huge range of subjects and Okido mixes things up to brilliant effect, with a goodly dose of stories, articles and illustrations that will answer some but spur a zillion more, encouraging kids to begin their own journeys of discovery. 

Okido Magazine is a bi-monthly publication, currently retailing for £4.00 per issue or £24 for an annual subscription. 

Drop by the Okido Website to find out more about this fantastic magazine!

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