Thursday, 21 August 2014

Skullabones Island - Pirate Post / How to Be a Skullabones Pirate (Ladybird Books)

Skullabones Island - Pirate Post / How to Be a Skullabones Pirate

Published by Ladybird Books

Ladybird's brilliant "Skullabones Island" range of books is expanding and we've been taking a look at a couple of books from the range of piratical activity books, story books and early learning ideas from the Skullabones range.

Kids (both boys and girls) love pirate books and they'll love the light-hearted adventures of the Skullabones Pirates. Led by Captain Cutlass, the crew get up to all sorts of mischief in their search for treasure.

"Pirate Post" is a story book with a twist. Within the pages are envelopes tucked away in the story text, so curious kids can dig out the letters and pictures and find additional clues and story elements within. We absolutely loved the fact that some of the letters are tucked away in a "message in a bottle". Charlotte took great care with the book but it's worth noting that a bit of parental intervention will often be required if you want to keep the book in good condition (sometimes the letters are a bit difficult to tuck back into their containers). Loved this book though, such a great idea!

In "How to Be a Skullabones Pirate" you'll find a ton of stickers, puzzles and activities to keep your little ones busy for hours. Test your pirate mettle in a number of ways, while enjoying the crazy antics of the skullabones crew!

We never get tired of pirate books, and the range from Ladybird is fantastic fun!

Charlotte's best bit: Finding the messages tucked away in a bottle in "Skullabones Island - Pirate Post" and loving hours of sticker fun with "How to be a Skullabones Pirate"

Daddy's Favourite bit: Bold colourful books, brilliant characters and the "Pirate Post" idea is a work of genius! Love it!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Ladybird Books)