Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Where's Spot? Join Puffin Books (and us) for an exciting adventure with Eric Hill's timeless puppy stories

Time for an adventure! Tweet where you think spot is using #WheresSpot on Twitter to join the competition!
Puffin Books are inviting you and your youngsters to join in a search! Spot the Puppy can be found in various locations throughout this week and later on in September too, and it's up to you to see if you can find out where! When you do,  Tweet his location  @puffinbooks using the hashtag #WheresSpot with the answer to WIN! using the postcard clues provided by bloggers and posters.

Here's our postcard image!

More details on the competition can be found at: 

Here's a photo of the goodies you can win! 

Some of the brilliant prizes on offer! Join in the fun with "Where's Spot!"

Join in the search for spot and celebrate Eric Hill's timeless puppy character! Don't forget - #WheresSpot :)

Oops! Quick edit to this - Check out Bookbabblers next week (week beginning 1st September) for the second part of the "Where's Spot" competition and blog tour!