Thursday, 14 August 2014

Zombies Sticker Book by Kirsteen Robson and Seb Burnett (Usborne Books)

Zombies Sticker Book

Written by Kirsteen Robson

Illustrated by Seb Burnett

Published by Usborne Books

Usborne sticker books are a bit of a saviour, truth be told. Name a subject and you'll find an Usborne sticker book based on it. On rainy days they're great for soaking up a few hours of immersive fun. On sunny days they're great for a bit of subversive stickering while lolling in the garden. They're also completely invaluable as the long school summer holidays draw to a close with idle days to fill before Charlotte has to break out the exercise books and get back down to serious brainwork...

BRAINNNSSSS! Did someone mention brains? Zombies are the subject of the "Zombie Sticker Book" by Kirsteen Robson and Seth Burnett. With over 600 icky sticky stickers, your minis will find lots of harmless horrific fun to be had making up all sorts of scenes involving the undead.

(It's not quite as gross as it sounds, trust us!)

Even after Charlotte worked her way through the book there were plenty of stickers left over for her to stick in her scrapbooks, or for me to kidnap and stick on my laptop case.

Awesome fun! What do we want? BRAINNNNNSSSS! When do we want it? BRAINNNNNNSSSSS!

Charlotte's best bit: Gruesome, gory, funny and absorbing sticker fun!
Daddy's Favourite bit: BRAINNNNNSSSSS!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Usborne Publishing)