Friday, 5 September 2014

Belle and Boo and the Very Merry Christmas by Mandy Sutcliffe (Orchard Books)

Belle and Boo and the Very Merry Christmas

Written and Illustrated by
Mandy Sutcliffe

Published by Orchard Books

Some people (not us) start their Christmas Shopping as the first leaves start to fall, and the conkers start to thump onto the ground. We're too disorganised to even consider starting our christmas shopping this early but we do start thinking about christmassy booky goodness and in particular, brilliant children's picture books with a festive feel.

"Belle and Boo and the Very Merry Christmas" is a welcome return for Belle of the bob-hair and her awesome rabbity friend Boo. They're deep in the throes of christmas planning, working out what presents to buy and what good food to eat. Soon, Christmas Eve approaches - but one thing is troubling Boo. Are all the other animals having an awesome christmas too?

Boo, with Belle's help, decides that it's time to give all the animals a christmas they'll never forget - a very merry christmas indeed!

Teaching the values of giving and friendship, looking out for others less fortunate than ourselves, this charming little story is absolutely perfect for reading while snuggled up in front of a crackling fire, slightly warm mince pie on one side and a glass of mulled wine on the other - with your little ones on your knee.

Mandy Sutcliffe's stories and illustrations are so fantastic and timeless that it's sure to become a children's favourite for years to come. We also rather liked the inclusion of Belle and Boo-themed christmas decorations to lace around your Christmas Tree.

"Belle and Boo and the Very Merry Christmas" is out now, get in the festive mood with Belle and Boo!

Charlotte's best bit: Boo's brilliant idea for a christmas meal for all his animal friends

Daddy's Favourite bit: A warming feel-good christmas cracker!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Orchard Books)