Thursday, 18 September 2014

Clarice Bean, that's me! by Lauren Child (Orchard Books)

Clarice Bean, that's me!

Written and Illustrated by
Lauren Child

Published by Orchard Books

It seems amazing to think that this wonderful book is celebrating its 15th birthday. We'd actually like to imagine what Clarice Bean would be like at 15. Would she be like her older sister, always painting her toenails or looking at posters of boys - or like her older brother Kurt, a bit of a grump with a slight whiff of socks accompanying her wherever she went? We suspect the former!

Charlotte grew up loving Charlie and Lola (and I think Soren Lorenson is a stroke of genius and by far my fave Lauren Child creation other than Batcat) but let's talk about Miss Bean and her crazy chaotic life.

Clarice's family is huge. There's Mum, Dad, older brother and sister (as we mentioned), grandad, the family moggy and oh we'd better not miss out Minal Cricket though he's possibly the most annoying little brother on the planet (nothing a plate of spaghetti hoops on the head won't sort out though!)

Clarice longs for a moment of peace and quiet, but is there truly only one way to achieve silent bliss? Being naughty enough to be sent to your room to "think things over" ?

We absolutely positively loved this book to bits. Also helps that I have a massive book-crush on Lauren (and probably on Clarice's mum too). A timely reprint of an utter classic. It does make you wonder what on earth publishers were thinking about turning this down so many times before Lauren hit paydirt with it.

Charlotte's best bit: She giggled like a drain at dad's description of Clarice as "Not exactly flavour of the month, young lady!"

Daddy's Favourite bit: An awesome snippet of family life from the perspective of a six year old. Thoroughly timless, hugely funny and something we'll undoubtedly read again and again!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Orchard Books)