Monday, September 8, 2014

Hooray for Hat by Brian Won (Andersen Children's Books)

Hooray for Hat!

Written and Illustrated by
Brian Won

Published by Andersen Children's Books

Do you ever wake up feeling a bit grumpy? Do your loved ones often buy you mugs with "I'm grumpy before coffee" or draw pictures of you with a frown instead of a smile?
Want to do something about it?

Well follow the ReadItDaddy guide to defeating grumpiness with Charlotte and I. Basically you only need two things.

1) A children's book, preferably the joyful fizzingly happy and brilliant "Hooray for Hat" by Brian Won
2) A Hat - the sillier the better.

Take 1 (1) copy of the book (or more if you're an octopus and can read several books at once). Place hat on head, and begin to read book to your fidgety happy little busy bees. I guarantee that within the space of a few minutes, a huge watermelon grin will start to creep across your face, you'll start to feel a 20lbs lighter, you'll throw open the curtains to a bright sunshiney day and you'll want to jump up and down on your bed, whooping like a crazed Aye Aye!

In "Hooray for Hat" Elephant wakes up grumpy, and is sure that his bad mood is going to last all day. But the doorbell rings, and there's a parcel on the doorstep. What's inside? The world's most fabulous hat. Instantly Elephant cheers up and wants to go and show off his stylish headgear to his friend Zebra as soon as he can.

Zebra has woken up grumpy too but Elephant's hat has a secret. Elephant's hat is actually SEVERAL hats, and soon Zebra is a happy and cheery soul with a brand new titfer propped on his head.

Zebra and Elephant want to spread the joy around and so soon they run off to visit Turtle and Lion for more hatty hi-jinks!

This is that most delightful thing, a children's book that instantly makes you feel like you're going to end up with aching cheeks from smiling so much by the end of the day. It cheers you up, makes you actually want to cheer at the end, and it's just beautifully written and illustrated too.

HOORAY indeed for "Hooray for Hat!" - it's utterly and completely fab!

Charlotte's best bit: Lion's crown. "That's the hat I would choose" she said.

Daddy's Favourite bit: A buzzing, fizzing joy-fest in book form absolutely guaranteed to put a big watermelon grin on your face without a shadow of a doubt!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Andersen Children's Books - in the most awesome pressie packaging (with hats too) ever! x)

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