Monday, 15 September 2014

Moomin and the New Friend by Tove Jansson (Picture Puffin)

Moomin and the New Friend

Written and Illustrated by
Tove Jansson

Published by Picture Puffin

Moomintroll, The Snork Maiden, Sniff, Snuffkin and Too-Tickey. When I first told Charlotte all about The Moomins she didn't quite understand why I'd get all starry eyed about these strange little hippo-like characters and their oddball friends.

Since then I've gradually introduced her to the works of Tove Jansson, and the absolutely charming and delightful stories she has created about these little folk.

Some of the later Moomin stories reprinted now by Picture Puffin are an ideal introduction to The Moomins (even the most ardent Moomin fan might readily admit that some of the stories are definitely a bit too 'out there' for six year olds but I'm hoping over time Charlotte starts to like even the really esoteric stories too and the wonderful, wonderful comic strips!)

I'm a fan and "Moomin and the New Friend" has been one of the Moomin titles that Charlotte has really enjoyed. A big format picture book, retaining all the charm and the characteristics that I love about the stories is most welcome.

Moomintroll is off on a fabulous adventure after finding a message in a bottle with Sniff. Sniff suggests building a raft to try and rescue the person who wrote the message - perhaps they'll find a new friend.

This doesn't go down at all well with The Snork Maiden who is a little jealous that Moomintroll might forget all about her. Soon with the aid of Snuffkin they're off and despite stormy seas and darkened skies, Moomintroll and Sniff find Too-Tickey all alone on the island. She's OK, doesn't really need rescuing but the storm has wrecked the raft, which leaves the three in a bit of a pickle.

Can Moomintroll, Sniff and Too-Tickey escape the island and get back to safety?

If you haven't introduced your own children to The Moomins yet, and if you remember them fondly, the stories are just as great now as they've always been. Find out what happens to Moomintroll in "Moomin and the New Friend" out now from Picture Puffin

Charlotte's best bit: She loves The Snork Maiden but thought she was a bit too jealous!

Daddy's Favourite bit: Classic stories, still utterly brilliant and such a joy to introduce them to Charlotte

(Kindly sent to us for review by Picture Puffin)