Monday, 1 September 2014

Where is Rusty? by Sieb Posthuma (Gecko Press)

Where is Rusty?

Written and Illustrated by
Sieb Posthuma

Published by Gecko Press

We're rather loving all the doggy books we've been sent to review over the last few months, and out very soon from Gecko Press is another wagging tale. Sieb Posthuma's "Where's Rusty?" might give away the core theme behind the story with its title - Rusty is a slightly mischievous scamp of a Dalmatian who goes to the local department store with his mummy and siblings. Rusty is an impetuous scamp and can't sit still for more than a moment. Completely distracted by the dazzling displays in the story, Rusty soon goes missing - and causes frantic searches as his mum and the store staff look for him.

Meanwhile Rusty realises he's on his own and becomes scared as the dog catchers close in, threatening to put any wayward animals in the pound. Eek! Rusty must rely on his wits, cunning and his ability to play hide and seek with the best of them to outwit those dog catchers and get back to mum and family safely.

Sieb's book is exciting and thrilling, and we loved the retro-style artwork that appears throughout. There's nothing worse than being lost in a store (speaking from experience, even losing sight of Charlotte for a few moments on holiday recently gave me the chills!) and this book is a rollercoaster adventure as we track Rusty's quest to return safely to mum. Awesome stuff from Gecko.

Charlotte's best bit: Rusty making his way, mission impossible style, through the vents of the store to evade capture

Daddy's Favourite bit: Thrilling and exciting stuff for younger readers and a very nicely presented and accomplished book.

(Kindly sent to us for review by Gecko Press)