Wednesday, September 3, 2014

You Can Do It, Bert! By Ole Konnecke (Gecko Press)

You Can Do It, Bert!

Written and Illustrated by
Ole Konnecke

Published by Gecko Press

Building tension and excitement in a children's book is a fine art. More so when your book is aimed at the very young, and you've opted to tell the story largely visually - keeping the word count to an absolute bare minimum.

Gecko Press are renowned for celebrating the wordless picture book, and they've also got a fine eye for a book with visual impact - so step forward "You Can Do It, Bert!" by Ole Konnecke which achieves the fine balance between building up excitement and curiosity with every turn of the page.

Bert is a bird. He's a strange little fellow, and sits high on a branch. It looks like he's about to flap his wings and take off but is he? Bert is a bit of a fidget and can't seem to make up his mind. Should he just stand and flap for a bit? Maybe get something to eat? What's going to happen to Bert in the end if he plops off that branch?

This book is a sheer delight, not least of all because it really does keep you guessing right up to the delicious twist it delivers near the end of the story. Ole's fabulous storytelling ability and the bright colourful and eye-catching art are going to make this a huge hit with youngsters.

Out today, don't miss!

Charlotte's best bit: Just when she thought Bert was going to jump, Bert disappears for a snack instead!

Daddy's Favourite bit: Lovely largely word-free book that pulls off the neat trick of being exciting and tense through using visual impact rather than words. Really impressive stuff, we loved it!

(Kindly sent to us by Gecko Press)

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