Wednesday, October 8, 2014

I am the Wolf and Here I COME! by Bénédicte Guettier (Gecko Press)

I am the Wolf and Here I COME!

Written and Illustrated by
Bénédicte Guettier

Published by Gecko Press

From the very very young, to the very very old, everyone really loves wolves! They're the perfect villainous baddie to put into a children's book, snarling and toothy and more than a bit sneaky.

Here's a fabulous little board book by Gecko Press that, in truth, is probably way too young for Charlotte and so I turned reading it into a bit of a performance. In the story, a little wolf wakes up and goes through his morning routine. He gets dressed, he brushes his teeth, washes his face. He's a very clean and tidy little wolf but what does he want for breakfast?


I love books that allow a bit of play-acting and you can imagine this bright and colourful board book being a huge hit with little ones as you slowly turn each page over to show what Wolf wants to do next. Charlotte rather liked the performance at least, even though she proclaimed the book as "babyish!" (six year olds eh? Too fussy by half!)

I loved it and it's definitely one to take down and try out on my new little niece next time we visit my brother in law. Loved Benedicte's art and cheeky style, and what's not to love about a cheeky wolf?

Charlotte's best bit: Wolf coming to EAT YOU!

Daddy's Favourite bit: A great little sturdy board book with that awesome quality of allowing mums and dads to build up to a big wolfy surprise ending!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Gecko Press)

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