Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Line Up Please! by Tomoko Ohmura (Gecko Press)

Line up, please!

Written and Illustrated by
Tomoko Ohmura

Published by Gecko Press

Gecko Press have a stunning range of children's books and we're always pleasantly surprised by each and every Gecko Press release they're kind enough to send us. Take "Line up, please!" by Tomoko Ohmura. We weren't quite sure what to expect when we opened the first page spread which teases the reader with several things. An animal, a bird calling for all the animals to get in line - and a number.

So at first we thought it was part counting book, part animal book. But as you're led through the ever-growing procession of animals, counting down from the tiniest frog at number 50 right up to...(whoah - no spoilers!) you'll have fun identifying each animal and helping your little ones exercise their number skills.

There is also a story though, the story plays out mostly in the speech bubbles as those fidgety queuing animals all jostle and bustle, chatter and gibber, moo and neigh and gossip.

Just as the book looks like it's drawing to a close comes the fun part. You find out what all those animals are actually lining up for, and thus begins a selection of page spreads that will make your child whoop with delight. Again we're really trying not to spoil the big reveal for you, we want you to go out and enjoy the book yourselves but it's worth all that queuing, trust us!

"Line Up Please!" is out today, October 1st, from Gecko Press. Start lining up for your copy now!

Charlotte's best bit: Giggling as one of the animals (we won't say who) gets a little nervous about the animals they're stuck between in the queue. Time for lunch?

Daddy's Favourite bit: We both loved the big reveal and the thoroughly energetic and joyful page spreads that bring the book round in a complete circle. Lovely!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Gecko Press

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