Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Madeleine Goes to the Moon by Peter Lynas and Charlie Roberts (English Rose Publishing

Madeleine Goes to the Moon

Written by Peter Lynas

Illustrated by Charlie Roberts

Published by English Rose Publishing

We absolutely love books that celebrate the wild and vivid imaginations of children, and we love any stories that have a bit of a 'space' vibe going on too. With "Madeleine Goes to the Moon" we get a fantastic dose of both in this great little story for younger children, full of fun and colour.

Madeleine loves playing in her room, and she has so many things to play with (like Charlotte!) But what she loves to do more than anything else is see where her imagination can take her - and from the steamy amazon jungles to the far reaches of space, Madeleine loves to go on adventurous journeys with her toy friends.

Madeleine is far too busy to tidy her room - it's not easy when you're cruising the outer reaches of the cosmos, after all!

We loved the fab pace of the story here, and the gorgeous bold artwork. Most of all though Charlotte loved Madeleine herself, a character she could readily identify with and enjoy reading about.

Charlotte's best bit: Madeleine's 'alien dolls' waving her off as she blasts off from the moon

Daddy's Favourite bit: Rather love the observation that, despite having just about all the toys and gadgets that kids can own, Madeleine gets far more 'play' mileage out of a stack of cardboard boxes made into a rocket. That's awesome!

(Kindly sent to us for review by English Rose Publishing)

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