Wednesday, 22 October 2014

No Such Thing by Ella Bailey (Flying Eye Books)

No Such Thing

Written and Illustrated by
Ella Bailey

Published by Flying Eye Books

Halloween is coming, and all the ghoulies and ghosties are at their most mischievous. But little girls aren't fooled by such things. "There's No Such Thing!" proclaims the petite heroine of this story.

All the same, strange things keep happening around the house. Socks disappear (yes!), headphones get tangled, things fall off shelves. Could there be a supernatural explanation after all?

"No such thing!" says the girl.

As ever, Flying Eye books have put together something magical - and just a little spooky too. Ella Bailey's bold artwork and wonderful insights into the inner workings of a child's mind blend together perfectly for a hoot of a story. Children will absolutely love spotting those naughty ghosts in each page spread (some are so sneakily hidden that it's very satisfying when you finally spot a ghostly foot or a pair of tiny ghostly eyes peeping out from behind cover).

Perfectly timed for a bit of trick or treating!

Charlotte's best bit: Charlotte felt sorry for the poor cat, who was blamed for knocking things over when it was really those naughty poltergeists!

Daddy's Favourite bit: Flowing rhymes, great 'spot the ghosties' fun and our first Halloween story of 2014 - C'est awesome!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Flying Eye Books)