Tuesday, 21 October 2014

ReaditDaddy "Book of the Week" choices feature heavily in the CILIP Kate Greenaway Nominations for 2015

"The Queen's Hat" by Steve Antony (Hodder) - Well deserved Kate Greenaway Nominee and former Book of the Week!

We've just been cooing over the latest list for the CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal Nominations for 2015 and it's an utterly glorious list of children's books, showing just how brilliant a year it's been for amazing stories, gorgeous illustrations and wholly original ideas. 

A whopping 16 of the picture book nominees have graced our "Book of the Week" slot over the last year or so, so let's take a closer look at the nominees that also won big on our humble little book blog. 

In no particular order (with links through to our reviews): Kate Greenaway Nominees

I'm sure you'll agree that there are some stunners there, and quite a lot of the other nominees that didn't quite make Book of the Week were also praised very highly in our reviews. 

To see the full list, check out the link here.