Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Christmas Truce - Where Peace was Found by Hilary Robinson and Martin Impey (Strauss House Productions)

The Christmas Truce - Where Peace Was Found

Written by Hilary Robinson
Illustrated by Martin Impey

Published by Strauss House Productions

In this centenary year of the outbreak of World War 1, we've seen some astonishingly brilliant children's books that offer factual accounts of what it was like to fight in the mud and trenches of World War 1.

One story often emerges time and time again from the era, that children always want to know more about - that of the temporary truce that existed around Christmas 1914 when German and Allied soldiers met in no mans land, calling a halt to the fighting and finding a common brotherly bond.

Gifts were exchanged, carols and hymns were sung and an impromptu football match kicked off, setting the scene for a story that has now become legendary.

Like "Shooting at the Stars" by John Hendrix, the story takes on an almost supernatural air and we loved the way that Hilary Robinson has written the tale in repeated poetic verse, paying homage to war poets such as Siegfried Sassoon and Wilfred Owen.

This truly is a brilliant book with such a positive message of peace emerging from such a terrible and tragic conflict.

Charlotte's best bit: The heart-wrenching moment when the dove of peace flies over the stricken battlefield

Daddy's Favourite bit: A superbly written and illustrated version of a tale of hope and peace from World War 1 that almost seems too amazing to be true.

(Kindly sent to us for review by Strauss House Productions)


Anonymous said...

This is wonderful! Where can I purchase the book?

Anonymous said...

The Christmas Truce book is available here -
As well as other retail and online outlets.