Monday, 27 October 2014

The Phoenix Presents - Gary's Garden Book 1 by Gary Northfield (David Fickling Books)

The Phoenix Presents - Gary's Garden Book 1

Written and Illustrated by
Gary Northfield

Published by David Fickling Books

Have you any idea what goes on at ground level in your garden when you're not looking? If you did, you'd probably run screaming into the trees but take a trip with us between the blades of grass in Gary's Garden.

Gary Northfield that is, owner of the Supreme Beard D'Honour, model for an exclusive range of Gary Northfield-shaped Lindt Chocolates (not really), but certainly a keen observer of garden life whether it be microscopic and insect-like, or feathery and bird-brained.

Gary's Garden runs as a regular strip in The Phoenix Comic and is always keenly observed and bang-up-to-the-minute topical. We've giggled as insects enter talent contests, we've hooted with laughter at dappy clubs like "Club for people who own stones shaped like faces Anonymous" and we both love the complete chaos and insanity of it all, imagining Gary working hard in his studio dreaming up new and crazy ways to spin stories of garden goings-on.

Collected together here in Book 1 as part of The Phoenix Presents range, this is awesomely rib-tickling stuff. Get on down to the garden with Gary today!

"Gary's Garden Book 1" by Gary Northfield is out now from David Fickling Books.

Charlotte's best bit: Who knew that caterpillars led such interesting (and farty) lives!

Daddy's Favourite bit: A machine-gun gardening hoot-a-minute!

(Kindly sent to us for review by David Fickling Books and the awesome Phoenix Comic crew!)