Friday 3 October 2014

The Phoenix Presents - Star Cat Volume 1 by James Turner (David Fickling Books)

The Phoenix Presents - Star Cat Volume 1

Written and Illustrated by
James Turner

Published by David Fickling Books

Somewhere in a distant galaxy, an intrepid crew are on an extended mission to explore the furthest reaches of space - in a spaceship shaped exactly like a cute cuddly ginger moggy. These are the voyages of STAR CAT!

We love hokey science fiction, we love rudey bits, we love Captain Spaceington's weekly misadventures in The Phoenix Comic so being able to dive into a sumptuous slice of the collected strips is sheer nectar for the eyeballs.

Captain Spaceington, along with his green and gooey (and equally cowardly and inept) First Officer Plixx, his totally ace and unfathomable moggy pilot (!*&£%&@!), and Robot-1 (possibly the only robot ever designed to wee himself at the slightest sign of danger) constantly aim to thwart the villanious Dark Rectangle at every turn.

James delves deep into various science fiction influences, taking a cheeky poke at Star Trek, Star Wars and even Zardoz (we're guessing that Captain Spaceington's rather revealing costume in one adventure can only be a nod to Sean Connery's giant nappy suit in the aforementioned film - hah you thought you'd slipped that one by us, didn't you?)

We've said many times on the blog that we love anything that causes us to snort like little piggies with giggles and laughter, and Star Cat achieves that with ease. A heady mix of abject chaos and high-tech entertainment courtesy of possibly the only spaceship ever created that can lick its own tailpipe clean.

"Star Cat - Volume 1" by James Turner arrives in a galactic quadrant near you on 2nd October 2014 courtesy of David Fickling Publishing.

Charlotte's best bit: With an insane cackle of glee, Charlotte took great delight in pointing out Captain Spaceington's dot-boobies when he loses his groovy spacesuit. EEP!

Daddy's Favourite bit: Constantly snorting with laughter at cat-pilot's (mostly) indecipherable but hilarious comic asides

(Kindly sent to us for review by David Fickling Books / Awesome Phoenix folk!)