Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Minecraft gets dangerous! Learn how to defend yourself with "Minecraft: The Official Combat Handbook" by Mojang and Egmont

Minecraft: The Official Combat Handbook

Written by Egmont UK

Published by Egmont Publishing

As wonderful as Minecraft is, new players might notice that as soon as the sun goes down, the whole landscape changes from a friendly blissful vista full of animals, plants and building opportunities to a dark place full of menacing threats. Even in daylight you may run into trouble so with the "Minecraft: The Official Combat Handbook" by Mojang and Egmont, you'll be well prepared.

Silly Zombies, don't they know Diamond armour is tougher than they are?

Like a mini monster-ography, The Combat Handbook details the strengths and weaknesses of some of Minecraft's most notorious baddies. Spiders are tricky, always seek to fight from the high ground. Zombies are slow and cumbersome but can still pack a wallop. As for skeletons? We'll you'll probably read more about our experiences with them elsewhere in our Minecraft Feature Week. They're a right royal pain in the proverbial!

Kitting your character out with armour and weapons, you can turn from a gibbering wimp to a serious fighting machine. We should point out that we don't condone videogame violence for your younglings but this little tome may be the difference between staying alive for your first night in the game, or losing all your hard-earned goodies to a wandering creeper.

Charlotte's best bit: We hadn't met any witches in the game, but Charlotte seems really fascinated by them in the book. I think they're best avoided!

Daddy's Favourite bit: This book might be a little spoilery if you've not entered the Nether so beware of that - but it is very very useful as an elite survival guide for a sometimes dangerous blockworld!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Egmont Publishing)