Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Minecraft Week - Become a master builder with the awesome "Minecraft: The Official Construction Handbook" from Mojang and Egmont

Minecraft: The Official Construction Handbook

Written by FyreUK / Egmont

Published by Egmont Publishing
The major draw of Minecraft for us is building! As we've previously mentioned in our other Minecraft articles, imagine having a near-infinite construction set to play with, and a vast landscape to build in and you can certainly see why delving into the secrets of "Minecraft: The Official Construction Handbook" has a lot of appeal.

The book taps the knowledge of one of the top UK construction teams, FyreUK, for amazing tips, tricks and some truly stunning building!

FyreUK's amazing buildings are really eye-catching

Using this book, you'll learn to unlock the holy grail of block building, setting up the perfect pad for Minecraft Steve to live in and feel safe in when monsters and shambling nightmares come out at night.

Helpfully detailing the components you'll need, with clear screenshots to show you how to get started with some of the simpler projects, you can really let your imagination fly. FyreUK specialise in producing architectural feats of wonder, from amazing palaces and castles, to windmills and sailing ships.

Another brilliant addition to Egmont's official Minecraft range (and our favourite of all the Minecraft handbooks!)

Charlotte's best bit: The amazing interiors in the Royal Palace model. Love those thrones!

Daddy's Favourite bit: So many brilliant tips from how to make floating islands, to using parts for purposes other than intended!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Egmont UK)