Monday, 10 November 2014

Sir Charlie Stinky Socks - The Pirate's Curse by Kristina Stephenson (Egmont Publishing)

Sir Charlie Stinky Socks - The Pirate Curse

Written and Illustrated by
Kristina Stephenson

Published by Egmont Publishing

YAY! Sir Charlie is back, the pint-sized whiffy-socked but nevertheless brave and gallant knight hits the high seas!

When Sir Charlie discovers a mysterious note floating in a bottle while at the seaside, with just one word - "HELP!" - written on it, Charlie, Envelope and Charlie's gallant steed race off to the rescue. Who sent the mysterious note? What does it mean? Charlie won't rest until he's on the case but to resolve a seafaring mystery, you definitely need a ship!

Kicking off at a cracking pace, this seventh adventure for Sir Charlie is a piratical piece of perfect storytelling with a child hero who boys and girls instantly take to.

Charlie meets the rambunctious Captain BurntBeard, who mysteriously disappears into his cabin every night, prompting rumours of an evil curse. Charlie, Envelope and the good grey mare find the mystery full of twists and turns until one final clue drops into place!

We see a lot of pirate books on the blog, and we're always on the look out for neat new nautical twists. Sir Charlie's determination reaps rewards and we're all treated to a Great Buccaneer Bake-Off! Hooray!

Children are going to absolutely love this seventh adventure. Hop on board the black toenail and join the gallant quest!

Don't miss the book's wonderful trailer either, which we're delighted to share with you below!

..and pop by Sir Charlie's website for more fun!

Charlotte's best bit: The fab bit where Sir Charlie's socks attract mermaids (probably because they want to know what on earth could be so whiffy!) She also really loved the big foldout reveals tucked into the book, like giant 'lift-the-flap' sections! Cool idea!

Daddy's Favourite bit: Sir Charlie is an endlessly endearing character (basically we still think he's FAR FAR better than the rather annoyingly smug Mike the Knight!) and this piratical adventure is pitch-perfectly paced, huge fun and has a great little twist or two to the tale at the end. Sublime!

(Very kindly sent to us for review by the wonderful and supremely talented Kristina S herself!)