Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Spotlight on the cosmic and brilliant "Doctor Who" comics range from Titan Comics

Doctor Who Comics from Titan - Now featuring the 12th Doctor!
I find it almost impossible to believe that we haven't managed to squeeze our love for Doctor Who onto the blog in some way, shape or form. Charlotte's still a bit too young (and a bit too easily frightened) by Doctor Who's televisual adventures, so I wondered whether I'd be able to spread a bit of geek love for everyone's favourite timelord through comics.

Licensed comics used to get a bit of a raw deal. People came with the expectation that they would be A) pants and B) too kiddified. I'm happy to say that this is most definitely NOT the case with Titan's lineup and most certainly not the case with their long-running Doctor Who comics which have been steadily building up a huge following with fans of the show, now it's emerged as one of the BBC's biggest draws. 

Catching up with the comics, we've been looking at the current Doctor's run (Peter Capaldi is kicking up a storm with his own take on The Doctor - and though I think the scripts consistently let him down, he's a flipping awesome doc IMHO). The comics are put together by some of the leading luminaries on the international comics scene with the likes of Robbie Morrison (an ex-2000AD alumni amongst other comics) and Dave Taylor contributing to the new adventures. Gritty new adventures await the 12th Doctor, it's fantastic to see the writing actually exceeding the quality of the show's storylines (proof positive that the next season really needs to buck its ideas up a bit). 

The great thing about the comics is that there's something for everyone so even if you haven't quite fallen in love with Capaldi's rendition of The Doctor, dive back in and take a look at Titan's awesome 10th and 11th Doctor series too...

Matt Smith's 11th Doctor. One tough act to follow!
All-new adventures carry on for previous doctors in the comics universe, new stories with stunning artwork await!

For the full Titan Doctor Who range, take a look at the following link where you can find out how to subscribe, or even get sorted with a ComiXology digital copy of your fave Doc Who stuff :