Thursday, November 6, 2014

Spotlight on Wonderous Ink and a great book idea to show children just how special their name is!

The cover of "The Wonderous World of..." from Wonderous Ink. Adventure starts with every letter!

Wonderous Ink very kindly got in touch with us here at ReadItDaddy to tell us about a new Name book for children that is a fantastic storybook and treasured keepsake all in one delectable package. 

"The Wonderous World Of" books are put together on the Wonderous Ink Website. You can select a child's first name (up to 12 characters) and whether they're a boy or a girl, and then see a preview of what the finished book will look like. 

You also have the opportunity to add a personalised greeting for the inside cover, perfect for a Christmas or Birthday gift. 

The books cost £19.99 including Post and Packaging, and are addressed to the child directly so that they get the thrill of opening up their very own book parcel, just for them!

A lovely cuddly page summarising the child's own awesome name!

The whole process is easy peasy. Books take around 15-20 days to arrive (so if you're aiming for Christmas, you may need to get busy NOW!)  Once the book arrives, your  child can dig into a magical story where they feel like the star (Charlotte was actually quite tickled by the fact that the girl in the story did look a lot like her, coincidentally). With each of the letters that make up their name, the story unfolds and the adventure continues!

On the story itself, it's nicely written to take into account every letter (even if, like Charlotte, you've got two 'ts' in a row or your name is Ian :) Your child takes centre stage as they make their way through a mysterious forest, helping animals and characters out with their problems by using their ingenuity. For example, the "H" from Charlotte can help prop up a poor sleepless Hippo's broken bed, or the "A" can help an astronaut clamber aboard his rocket! Such a neat idea!

There's a ton of extra information about the book on the Wonderous Ink website we linked to above. The book is nicely written with bold and colourful illustrations throughout. There's a nice surprise bonus at the back of the book too, once children have enjoyed the story. We won't spoil the surprise for you but look out for it!

Take a wonderous journey and make your child the star of their own book, how exciting is that!

You can find out more about Mike and Angelica Brittain (the founders of Wonderous Ink), Sarah Khan (the author of the story) and Andrea Sanz (the story's illustrator) here.

(There's also more of an explanation why the company use the word "Wonderous" rather than "Wondrous" just in case you thought my spellchecker had gone doolally!)

Charlotte's best bit: Helping a lion make a brilliant scooter for his child with the help of Charlotte's Letter "L"

Daddy's favourite bit: A neat twist on the name book, an absolute doddle to set up and order with just a few clicks and the result is a marvellous keepsake that children will treasure!

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