Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Star Wars - R2D2's Droid Workshop (Egmont Publishing)

Star Wars - R2D2's Droid Workshop

Published by Egmont Publishing

Surely just about every Star Wars geek must've dreamed about owning their own droid. Imagine having your own R2D2 to look after your every whim. Imagine no more, because now with the aid of this fantastic little puzzle and activity book you can enjoy a ton of puzzles and things to do, and then flick through the book for the ultimate make - create your own R2D2 with easy-to-build slot together card panels.

This IS the droid you're looking for!

The model can be a bit fiddly and tricky so younger Star Wars fanatics may need a bit of adult help and supervision to get R2 up and running. As you can see from the accompanying images, it's a huge model standing 26cm tall.

What's that R2? You've got to save the Princess? What Princess?

We had a lot of brilliant fun with the activity and puzzle book before launching into our own mini make with the model. We can't guarantee that R2 will be able to single-handedly save rebel princesses or help you fly your X-Wing safely but you will have a whole lot of fun with this innovative and supercool book!

Here's an awesome trailer for the book, with a great stop-motion construction of the model:

Charlotte's best bit: Finishing the model and proudly displaying him in her room

Daddy's Favourite bit: A great mix of activities and puzzles but the model is most definitely the star! So easy to build and such a rewarding result once done. Awesome!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Egmont Publishing)