Thursday, 27 November 2014

Who's that Banging on the Ceiling by Colin McNaughton (Walker Books)

Who's that Banging on the Ceiling?

Written and Illustrated by
Colin McNaughton

Published by Walker Books

Colin McNaughton's books are a real treat and we always love finding ones we haven't read before in our local library. Like this absolute corker, the tale of noisy neighbours living in a huge block of flats.

Having lived in a flat for most of my student years I can definitely identify with wondering just what on earth the upstairs and downstairs neighbours get up to during their daily grind and Colin hilariously examines the comic exploits of a diverse range of characters. Is there a herd of rhinos upstairs? A crazed ballroom dancing fanatic?

Each spread folds out as a huge landscape overview of each of the flats as we scroll through right to the very top, where the book leaves the best surprise till last (as is often the case with Colin McNaughton's books - he loves a good twist or two!)

As you'll expect, the book is funny and cheeky but the devil is in those amazing illustrative details and flourishes that Colin always squeezes in to each panel. Deliriously good stuff!

Charlotte's best bit: Kid's bath time, which sounds a LOT like something else!

Daddy's Favourite bit: Loopy, crazy, kooky but utterly and completely awesome!