Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Yoko Tsuno Volume 7: Curious Trio by Roger Leloup (Cinebook)

Yoko Tsuno Volume 7: Curious Trio

Written and Illustrated by
Roger Leloup

Published by Cinebook

Our local library keeps us well and truly stocked up with obscure (and older) comics that we might've missed. I'd never come across Roger Leloup's "Yoko Tsuno" series, which has a distinctly 70s disco vibe crossed with Barbarella (though thankfully child-friendly) and Manga influences. No mean feat considering these comics originally came out in 1970 and have been lovingly reprinted by Cinebook for a modern audience. Belgian comic genius Roger Leloup, originally part of Studio Herge (and if you haven't heard of Herge and Tintin, where on EARTH have you been?) broke off to produce his own comic series in the early 70s and Yoko Tsuno was one of his most endearing creations. A Japanese girl genius, science whiz and kick-ass hero, Yoko Tsuno feels like an amazingly contemporary, fresh and brilliant comic creation.

Leloup's amazing draughtsmanship and tightest linework really is a treat for the eyes, and in this volume we see Yoko embarking on an intergalactic adventure along with her hotch-potch gang of miscreants, the curious trio of the volume's title. Expect a fair amount of chopsockery, 70s-style over the top spacefaring adventure and a dizzying array of science fiction influences creeping into the strip. Spanning 26 volumes, there's plenty to dig into and I believe Cinebook are planning to publish the lot! Whoah!

Charlotte loved these, though the panels are typically as busy as hell (one thing you will notice with older comics, those wonderful Belgian creatives sure knew how to pack a page with exquisite detail). It's still jaw-dropping to think that these comics are nearly as old as me but are still amazingly vibrant. Thank goodness for Cinebook and their current crop of brilliant reprints.

Charlotte's best bit: Yoko's kitschy but awesome space-fashion sense!

Daddy's Favourite bit: Leloup's artwork is astounding. What an awesome comic discovery. I really cannot get enough of Belgian comics, they're truly fantastic!