Monday, December 1, 2014

December's Chapter Book / Early Readers Roundup - A couple of crackers from Catnip!

Screaming Sands Volume 2 - "Battle of the Beach Freaks" by Sam Hay (Catnip Books)
It's almost that time of the year when people sit down to consume vast quantities of clucking birds and brussels sprouts but before the festivities kick off, let's take a look at a couple of new chapter readers from the awesome folk over at Catnip Books. 

Screaming Sands Volume II is upon us and in "Battle of the Beach Freaks" Sam Hay once again returns to the ghastliest ghost town in the world! Our hero Jess is getting rather excited about her chance to finally become a bridesmaid, but when her soon-to-be-married Auntie is dumped, Jess's hopes are dashed. 

Jess has a genius idea though - she'll put herself up as a Bridesmaid for Hire!

Approached by a distinctly strange couple with a certain 'whiff' about them, has Jess let herself in for more than she bargained for?

"Battle of the Beach Freaks" by Sam Hay is out now, from Catnip Books. 

"Frozen Fish Fingers" by Jason Beresford (Catnip Books). 
Slugs, skis, snowboards and abject mayhem now being served, courtesy of Jason Beresford and his heroic gang of four miscreants in "Frozen Fish Fingers" - the sequel to "The Fabulous Four Fish Fingers" which we took a brief look at on the blog a while back. 

Our heroes are overjoyed when their school wins a winter sports trip to fabulous Transyldovia. Ski and snow fun ensues but will the four be called upon to transform into their superhero alter-egos in order to save their friends from doom? 

Retaining the chaotic humour (and of course a good dose of loo gags) Frozen Fish Fingers is a tasty serving of craziness. Get your winter gear on and dive in!

Check out these beauties and more over at the Catnip Books Website!