Wednesday, 24 December 2014

The Really Abominable Snowman by Valentina Mendicino (Walker Books)

The Really Abominable Snowman

Written and Illustrated by
Valentina Mendicino

Published by Walker Books

It's the night before christmas, and all through the house - not a snowman was stirring, not even wait - that's not how it goes! If you're heading out to your local book emporium today for that last minute gift, it might be time for a book that neatly sidesteps the usual seasonal epithets but still feels like it belongs in anyone's winter book collection.

Step forward The Really Abominable Snowman. Now, I'm not sure what you've heard about Yetis, Sasquatches or Bigfoot but the Really Abominable Snowman has a terrible reputation. He eats children, he smells like stinky cheese, and his table manners leave a lot to be desired.

Only that's not strictly true. The Really Abominable Snowman is really called Milo, and he's rather partial to a cherry cupcake or two (and he bakes like Mary Berry too, bless him!)

He definitely doesn't pong either because he bathes every day with lavender soap. As for eating children? Wouldn't dream of it.

So why can't Milo find a friend? Why do people run screaming into the trees every time this personable, fuzzy and cute Abominable Snowman comes calling?

Milo feels sad, but soon it looks like the answer is at hand. Helpful woodland animals are on hand, and point to social networking as a way of making new pals. Poor Milo isn't exactly a successful tweeter (we can give him lessons!), he can't find any friends in that weird "Face Book" - and his makeovers are a disaster (to be honest though, we thought his punky street look was brilliant!)

In a local paper, Milo spots that a party is being thrown for strange creatures - so Milo decides to join in. Again though, everyone runs screaming leaving poor Milo behind all alone - everyone except Sophie - who is the biggest most beautiful creature Milo has ever seen.

We'll leave you to discover more about Sophie when you read the book yourself. Valentina's entertaining and original story (with the cutest fuzziest cakiest artwork) is a joy, and this heartwarming tale might not be christmassy but it's a wintry and wonderful story that warmed our hearts.

Charlotte's best bit: Milo's sumptuous and luxurious cupcakes look good enough to eat!

Daddy's Favourite bit: An endearing character and an utterly fabulous wintery tale. Not all snowmen are abominable!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Walker Books)