Tuesday, 20 January 2015

"Don't chew on the royal shoe" by Kate Leake (Alison Green Books)

Don't Chew on the Royal Shoe

Written and Illustrated By
Kate Leake

Published by Alison Green Books

We love a good doggy yarn, and we love a cheeky tweak of the royal cheek as well so when the two are combined, we know we're in for a treat.

Meet Chips - the royal dog with a difference. Most of the Queen's corgis are content to laze around, eating only the finest foods and chewing on the most exquisite chew toys. But Chips prefers slightly chewier (and stinkier) fare. There's nothing nicer to gnaw on than the royal shoe collection.

Chips is a very thoughtful dog, if a little naughty. He only takes a single shoe at a time, and carries them away to a secret hidey-hole to chew at his leisure.

Chips' behaviour doesn't go unnoticed. It's a dashed bad show don't you know, and the Queen issues a royal order - the missing footwear must be found!

Chips looks set to spend his days firmly in the doghouse until one night, a burglar steals into the palace to make off with the royal jewels and silver. A burglar with a big stinky pair of smelly (and very chewy) boots. Can Chips possibly save the day?

Kate Leake's book is huge fun and though Chips is a bit of a shoe-scoffing scoundrel, we couldn't help but love him to bits! Don't miss Kate's first book for Scholastic / Alison Green Books, out now!

Charlotte's best bit: Charlotte was amused (and slightly horrified) at the thought of Chips enjoying the Princess's 'nice and crunchy' glass slippers. "But won't he cut his mouth?"

Daddy's Favourite bit: A royal hound with a difference. We love all the little details in this (particularly in the spread where we see Chips secret stash tucked under the rhododendrons and the queen's lost ring!)

(Kindly sent to us for review by Alison Green Books)

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